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5 months ago @ 8:38AM

LVHN Fall Sports Physicals June 1 to August 16


Fall Sports Physical information
Starting June 1 to August 16th
LVHN/Coordinated Health is pleased to offer no charge PIAA sports physicals to the athletes at your school.  Attached you will find the information that you can send out to your families regarding this process.  We are offering physicals that can be scheduled at the convenience of the family at dozens of ExpressCARE and Care on Demand locations throughout the region starting on June 1st and running through August 16th.  This allows more than 10 weeks for your families to schedule their physicals throughout the summer. 

There are two options to schedule physicals:

1. The first and EASIEST option is for families to log in to the MyLVHN app where they can self schedule their appointment.  Easy to follow instructions are included in the attachment. 

2. The second option is for people to click the “Register for a free PIAA physical” link.  This will direct people to fill out a form to register, and someone from our team will call them within 5-7 business days to schedule their appointment.  This option is primarily for people who are not signed up for the MyLVHN app (and don’t want to sign up for one), AND for families who are signing up multiple athletes at once, such as siblings. 


As partners in healthcare with Jim Thorpe Area School District, Lehigh Valley Health Network  (LVHN) and Coordinated Health, a part of LVHN, are committed to a safe return to athletic  participation after COVID-19. We realize the unique challenges faced by families and school  districts during this time and have teamed up with your school to keep our promise of delivering  free, convenient physicals for all student-athletes.  

With the influence of COVID-19, we will continue to offer free physicals at many of our convenient  locations. These physicals will be done on an individual basis and appointments will be scheduled  ahead of time. Appointments will be scheduled beginning on June 1st, and will run through August 16th. 

To promote the safest PIAA physical for your student athlete we are encouraging parents to  sign up for the MyLVHN app. This convenient service allows you to schedule your  appointment at your convenience and e-check in, allowing you to wait in your vehicle until  you are ready to be roomed. 

Athletes who are signed up for the MyLVHN app are able to schedule appointments at any of our  locations at their convenience. Utilizing the MyLVHN app even allows for SAME day scheduling, making this the quickest option for scheduling the sports physical. If you currently are not signed up  through MyLVHN, please follow the link for sign up instructions or reach out to 1-844-469-5846 for  further assistance with MyLVHN:  MyLVHN sign up FAQhttps://www.mylvhn.org/MyChart/Authentication/Login?mode=stdfile&option=faq%23EQ_sign

If an athlete is not signed up for the MyLVHN app, or if you are signing up multiple athletes at once,  please follow the link below, fill out the form, and a call team member will reach out to you within  five to seven business days to schedule the sports physical. Register for a free PIAA physical.  .https://mylvhn.org/mychart/publicforms.asp?mode=showform&formname=PIAASportsPhysical

At LVHN and Coordinated Health, we’re excited to get back to sports and can’t wait to join our  school partners for the thrill of another season. No matter what you need this season, we’re here  for you. 

Please direct any scheduling concerns to the Sports Medicine Care Coordination Team at  AthleticTraining@lvhn.org

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